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Your Blueprint for Improved Food Safety and Quality Culture: Upcoming Seminar in Austin, TX

Posted on August 10, 2017 by Jennifer Kinion

Blog post courtesy of Lone Jespersen, PhD, Principal, Cultivate. 


Lone Jespersen Lone Jespersen


The connection between organizational culture and company performance was proven a long time ago by professionals such as Dan Denison, John Kotter, and Edgar Schein. The challenge we have in front of us as food professionals is to transfer this proven connection in our companies to improve food safety and quality. Improved food safety and quality performance measured through lower risk, fewer mistakes, higher profit, and better retention of talent. To realize such measurable improvements, you need a plan – a blueprint – that your leadership can rally around and support for the long haul.

Designed to help improve and sustain your food safety culture, the upcoming ‘Your Food Safety Culture Blueprint’ seminar on September 18 is your time to focus on building your blueprint specific to your company with the help of expert instructors in organizational culture, journalism, and food safety.  

I’m delighted to be teaching this with my fellow peer instructors Dr. Dan Denison – Management Consultant and Professor at IMD in Switzerland, Linda Smith – Food Promotion and Crisis Management Consultant, and Laura Nelson – VP Food Safety & Global Alliances with Alchemy Systems.

Lone Jespersen is a recognized leader in food safety, quality, and continuous improvement at large complex organizations. Learn more about Lone and her food safety consulting firm Cultivate at www.cultivatefoodsafety.com.