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Innovative COVID-19 Solutions for the F&B Industry

Posted on April 28, 2020 by Ann Grace


In response to specific needs from customers and partners, SafetyChain has developed several solutions to address the impact of Coronavirus. These solutions help food and beverage manufacturers efficiently manage physical distancing measures, symptom screening, & travel restrictions, and help customers of certification bodies maintain critical certifications, remotely. Find out how they can help your operations with COVID-19.

Changeover Manager

Communicating information during a product or shift change is critical. During shift changeovers, production, quality, and safety teams must make sure their site is properly cleaned, setup is complete, and all ingredients are in place. Recently, physical distancing has made this collaboration difficult. Operators, line leads, and supervisors who normally meet to discuss the handoff between shifts need a better way to stay organized and keep production running smoothly. Changeover Manager allows key personnel to:

shift changeover manager

  • Safely share shift activities across teams
  • Easily configure changeover forms for your facilities
  • Minimize production delays due to miscommunication
  • Improve restart times for shifts and lines

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Remote Supplier Auditor

Now F&B facilities can inspect and assess their supplier risk, compliance, and performance without having to be on-site. With SafetyChain Remote Supplier Auditor, you can build custom documents, resources, assessments, & acknowledgments, and provide access to your suppliers through a private, secure online portal. This helps reduce risk and improve supplier performance all while saving time and eliminating travel. With Remote Supplier Auditor, you can:

remote supplier audits

  • Share and collect requirements via secure online portals
  • Automate task assignments and tracking
  • Eliminate the hassle of paperwork and spreadsheets
  • Create compliance scoring systems & dashboards showing compliance
  • Keep sensitive supplier and internal data private with a secure online portal

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Personnel Screener

One of the biggest risks facing food and beverage production facilities is keeping the essential workers healthy. In your plant, the first step entails screening for symptoms of infection before shifts. Personnel screener simplifies the management of employee data with the following features:

Personnel Screener

  • Safely submit forms on any device from anywhere
  • User-friendly form builder
  • Real-time screening reports for all facilities
  • Dashboard for monitoring exposure
  • Complete forms in online/offline mode

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Remote Certification 

Food Assurance 2 lignes-01SafetyChain and Eurofins Food Assurance have partnered to offer remote certification to Eurofins customers in response to COVID-19 travel restrictions and social distancing. For more information, please visit eurofins.com/foodassurance.

While we are deeply saddened by the loss of lives and disruption of business that COVID-19 has brought, SafetyChain is determined to support its customers with technology they need to recover as quickly as possible. For more information about our COVID-19 solutions, please contact us.