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The Secret Behind Leading Companies’ Powerful Approach to Food Quality Compliance

Posted on February 13, 2018 by Jennifer Kinion

laptop keyboardFood quality compliance is challenging for any company, but some are able to execute it with greater ease than others. If your company struggles to keep up with complex program requirements, it could be because you’re lacking the one key tool that others use to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and boost results: real-time data.

Real-Time Data for the Food Industry

Numerous industries have seen an influx of solutions that maximize the capabilities of real-time data in recent years, but such tools are still relatively new to food and beverage. However, forward-thinking companies have already begun implementing these solutions to ensure program requirements are being met each and every day. As Food Quality and Safety reported, food quality compliance is now “in the cloud.” In other words, all of your program data can be captured from virtually any source, and stored on a centralized repository. This gives your teams instant access into your facility’s food safety and quality data, making it easier than ever to identify issues and respond promptly to ensure compliance on an ongoing basis.

Getting Teams Focused On Food Quality Compliance

Real-time data doesn’t just enhance visibility at the managerial level, either. It can also get all of your teams – whether they’re in the fields, on the receiving dock, or on the plant floor – focused on the activities needed to ensure compliance. According to Food Safety News, this is critical, especially since the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) went into effect. Jennifer McEntire and Shannon Cooksey state that, “As the rules change, resulting in increases in the need for record-keeping, manufacturers will need to convey this to their staff throughout the company, including those on the production lines, at receiving, in sanitation, etc.”

While ensuring compliance will never be a simple task, it can become much more achievable through the help of real-time data. Using modern solutions catered specifically to the needs of food and beverage companies to collect and interpret this data is the secret tactic that will help industry leaders outperform their competitors.

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