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FSMA and Sarbanes-Oxley

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Brian Sharp
Brian Sharp

I'm here in Pheonix at the Next Level Food Quality Symposium (follow them on Twitter @nlsummits).

Some great speakers and ideas. One that really struck me was a session by Sarah Geisert from General Mills. She challenged folks who "are tired of hearing about FSMA." She emphasized the concept that FSMA is "our time" for the food quality and safety community. Our time to make a difference in making food safer - in building a culture of food safety company-wide where we work. Sarah described how when a company brands a great new product, it's marketing's time to shine. Or when it makes great numbers it's finance's time to shine. With FSMA it's Food Safety's time to shine.

A great comparison was made between Sarbanes-Oxley and FSMA. Sarbanes-Oxley came about as a response to financial public scandals that cost investors billions. It transformed the industry and created enhanced standards for corporate auditing and accountability. The point was made that FSMA is the food industry's Sarbanes-Oxley ... It has been in response to some very public food safety events that have sickened many ... and it will help the industry transform and do things differently and make food safer.

I think that's a great point and interesting way to look at FSMA.

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