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Today’s Inspection and Audit Reality: The New Normal

Posted on October 12, 2017 by Brian Sharp
Brian Sharp

SafetyChain partner Melanie Neumann recently authored a great article for FoodSafetyTech sharing insights on the evolving audit and inspection landscape. Along with highlighting some key changes – including audits lasting longer and the impact food safety culture can have on successfully navigating audits  – Melanie points out the role of technology in helping companies address this ‘new normal’:

“Not only should an electronic document management system help with speed to identify and access documents -it should also help with data trending (to the extent applicable). For example, if you are storing PC/CCP monitoring data on oven cooking temperatures, can the electronic system track and trend the data captured so that it can alert designated users when a PC/CCP goes out of limits?”

Along with the real value of technology in her view:   

“The best systems can, and the best-in-class companies are finding ways to reduce the human error factor by leveraging technology to better manage their risks and transforming the data into information through dashboards and trending reports so they can see where deviations or near misses may be arising. Yes, technology involves a capex request. But the ROI is almost always cheaper than a recall and certainly is less costly than the brand reputation damage that could result.”

At SafetyChain, we are proud that our food safety and quality management technology helps our customers more efficiently manage their audits and inspections. Though as Melanie stated, technology can do a whole lot more, and we are delighted that our customers are utilizing our technology tools and data intelligence to achieve better everyday results. Results that directly impact their ability to more effectively reduce risk, control costs, and protect their brand!

Thank you, Melanie, for a great article. For the full article, click here.

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