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Introducing SafetyChain LINK Auditor View

Posted on July 11, 2019
FSQA Worker and Food Auditor Using SafetyChain Link Auditor View

With SafetyChain LINK Auditor View, now it’s easy for food companies to build better relationships with their auditors.

Emerging Technology Helps Food Audits Run Smoother

Face it: food safety audits can be stressful, taking weeks if not months of preparation time.  When the time comes, the more organized, prepared, and transparent a food manufacturer can be, the faster and easier the audit becomes for both the company and the auditor. As a result, both are able to focus more time and energy on finding productive ways to improve processes rather than plowing through piles of paper. 

Now, SafetyChain LINK Auditor View makes it easy for food companies to share all records and information required within the purview of an audit, without overwhelming their auditors with unnecessary or extraneous information. Auditor View provides FSQA managers full control of what, when and how auditors view applicable records leading to quicker, better audits with far less paperwork. In addition, auditors appreciate the transparency, and both sides benefit from the confidence of knowing that important data is present, complete, and accurately verified.

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Auditor View - One of LINK's New Secure Profiles

Secure Profiles allow food companies to simplify and tailor what internal and external users can see and access by enabling food companies to turn off certain features that may not be important to others’ roles. Secure Profiles bring benefits to both internal and external users. This article will focus on Auditor View, just one of SafetyChain’s new Secure Profiles that allows SafetyChain customers to control how other users see and access data and records.

Let's look at some ways that food companies are using Secure Profiles, both internally for their staff, and externally, for their auditors:

  1. Internally, Secure Profiles organize and present relevant information in the way that’s most helpful to a company's executives, managers, and line workers:
  • Executives see high-level summaries and KPIs in a clear, simple format
  • Managers get a functional overview of what’s happening across the enterprise, with lots of detail, presented in a way that helps them spot trends, make comparisons, and act on potential problems before they occur
  • Line-level Workers see only the information that’s related to the work right in front of them, for example, what’s completed and what’s not
  1. Externally, with Auditor View, you can limit access to records:
  • By date range
  • To specific programs
  • To specific forms
  • To certain document types

How Does Auditor View Work?

Auditor View gives SafetyChain customers the ability to control the depth of analysis and features which a specific user or user group can access. Auditor View does not hide or limit access to your plant's data. Conversely, it supports the complete transparency of data; that’s why auditors love it and trust it. Rather, with a Secure Profile like Auditor View, users can choose whether to share various SafetyChain features, including compliance trends and exception-based views. Technically speaking, a Secure Profile (of which Auditor View is one!) is a collection of rights and content filters that governs the way information is presented and what a user can do in LINK.

Improved Security and Confidentiality During Food Audits with Auditor View

Using Auditor View helps food companies control how long an auditor has access to their records and where they can log in from. For security and confidentiality reasons, many food companies prefer to restrict access to their records to only from within their own facilities.

Building Trust with Auditor View (and Why That’s Important in Food Audits)

Although auditors are examining your facility, your processes, and your records, an audit is a human process influenced by social relationships. Like all interpersonal relationships, honesty, integrity and transparency build trust and lay the groundwork for a positive, ongoing working relationship. Simply stated, if an auditor feels you are being helpful and have nothing to hide, s/he are much more likely to trust you.

Stand in Your Auditor’s Shoes

Think about the challenges that food auditors face. They often have to rummage through stacks of binders, drawers, even entire rooms full of files in search of food safety records. Over half their time is spent on reviewing manuals, SOPs, sometimes difficult-to-read day-to-day records, CCPs, corrective actions, and supplier data. Imagine their frustration from the time wasted trying to decipher handwritten and disconnected records, locating misfiled papers or in trying to get to the bottom of missing sign-offs and cloudy verification procedures. 

Auditor View: the Modern Approach to Records Analysis and Management

Let’s say someone was hunting for several hundred entries in an extensive collection of Yellow Pages books, yet not all the books were alphabetized exactly right, some of the entries were handwritten, and some of the pages appeared to have missing, erased or overwritten data. Contrast that with the experience one would have locating and reading contact records right from their smart phone. There’s no comparison. Auditor View is a modern approach to record analysis and management. It makes auditors' jobs more pleasant, yet still gives FSQA managers control over how, when, and where auditors see their records and can limit the types of records that auditors can access. Auditor View is a win-win for both auditors and food companies.

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SafetyChain is a Quality Management System (QMS) that helps food and beverage companies improve productivity, profitability, and compliance with a flexible, user-friendly software platform that captures, manages, and analyzes real-time operations data. 

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