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Continuous Improvement Is Not Just for Manufacturers

Posted on May 25, 2019 by Navpreet Singh

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SafetyChain Consistently Delivers Increasing Value to Its Customers with a Strong Pipeline of New Features

What do Direct Observation, PIN Verification, and Task Scheduling all have in common? They were all included in our late May, 2019 release for the purpose of making your day a whole lot easier. 


Direct Observation

Direct Observation is a new type of sign-off that allows a designated “Observer” to confirm that the Operator who is completing a form is performing all the processes correctly and according to procedures. So now you will know not only whether a task was observed, but whether it was observed being completed right

  • It’s a USDA Requirement
  • Ensures workers are following regulatory requirements by randomly observing working procedures and recording the results
  • Creates a validated electronic sign-off captured on the floor
  • Indicates if the procedure is compliant
  • Allows for commentary on non-compliant procedures and lets you share observation results with auditors


PIN Verification

For security and accountability, PIN Verification provides a way for your designated observer to be validated by the system with a UserID and PIN code. 


Task Scheduling

Task Scheduling is a new way of scheduling recurring production tasks within the same day. It simplifies your daily scheduling and lets you:

  • Schedule multiple tasks within the same day that can match production processes
  • Pause and resume to support the production interruptions
  • Repeat a task continuously between a start and end date / time
  • Set the frequency (interval) of the task, such as every 30 minutes
  • Set the time the task is due in, such as 15 minutes
  • Perform interval-based scheduling


SafetyChain Support is always available to field your questions or send you a Knowledge Base article detailing these new features. Better yet, ask about our new training webinar series! Visit our Support Page for help!