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5 Ways to Justify a QMS System Investment

Posted on Nov 21, 2023 12:00:00 AM

When evaluating the potential payoff of a QMS investment, companies can assess their potential return on investment using this simple ROI calculation:

(Gain/Savings Achieved from the Investment – Cost of Investment) / (Cost of Investment)

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Topics: Quality

How to Synergize Your Food Safety and Quality Management Systems

Posted on Sep 7, 2023 9:00:00 AM

In this blog, we discuss the purpose of a food safety management system and how a combined food safety and quality management system can support production goals.

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Topics: Quality, Food Safety, Plant Management

SafetyChain Added to Capterra's 2023 Shortlists for Quality and EHS Management

Posted on May 18, 2023 2:40:30 PM

SafetyChain is proud to have recently been added to two 2023 Capterra Shortlists for Quality Management and Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Management. This recognition is based on an independent assessment that evaluates user reviews and online search activity to generate a list of market leaders in the Quality and EHS Management categories.

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Topics: Quality, EHS

Protect Your Investments: Strategic Advice for Internal Quality Audits

Posted on Apr 21, 2023 9:00:00 AM

If you think completing an audit is just another box to check off for compliance: think again. Conducting an internal quality audit is a business investment that shouldn’t go to waste. If you’re not maximizing all of your business investments, you’re leaving money on the table.

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Topics: Quality, Audit

How to Accurately Measure Cost of Quality in Today's Market

Posted on Mar 22, 2023 9:00:00 AM

Due to today's rapid evolution of food trends and a social media spotlight on all manufacturing brands, quality management is critical to attracting and retaining customers. Not even well-known, longstanding businesses have the reputation insulation they may have had several years ago. But how much does it cost to ensure quality, and what can businesses do to minimize those costs?

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Topics: Quality, Profitability

FSMA Compliance for 2022: What The Pandemic Taught Us for Food Safety Compliance

Posted on Aug 4, 2022 11:25:48 AM

Quality and safety standards for the food and beverage manufacturing industry have been shifting as the world experienced unprecedented supply chain disruptions through the pandemic. From this disruption, the FDA and other regulatory bodies have adapted some compliance requirements to ensure a steady supply of safe and quality food while developing new regulations. It is crucial that manufacturers understand, prepare for, and implement policies to comply with these changing standards.

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Topics: Compliance, Quality, Audit

Supercharge Your Internal Audits for a Better ROI

Posted on Jul 21, 2022 2:36:14 PM

Most organizations understand the value of performing internal audits. The objective of auditing is to gain insights into your processes, help you maintain conformance, mitigate risks, and improve your operational excellence.

However, there are best practices you can incorporate into your audits to make them more effective, insightful, and useful to increase the likelihood of continual improvement.

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Topics: Compliance, Quality, Audit

Top Key Performance Indicators for Food Industry

Posted on Jul 13, 2022 12:24:00 PM

All food and beverage manufacturers have stringent food safety and quality requirements unique to their products, plants, and customer expectations. With the correct balance and prioritization of key performance indicators (KPIs), Plant Managers can reduce costs and increase capacity in their facilities. 

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Topics: Analytics, Quality, KPIs, Plant Management

Three Key Methods to Unlocking Continuous Improvement Across Your Plant

Posted on Apr 1, 2022 8:24:28 AM

Many organizations understand the “improvement” part of Continuous Improvement but struggle with the “continuous” aspect. A company might improve a process once but then assume they have solved the problem and there is no further need for improvement. Other companies know that continuous improvement can help but are unsure which strategy is appropriate. Learning about key continuous improvement methods can ensure companies know which strategies will yield the results they seek. Many companies find themselves considering many different options, and lose sight of the most important thing which is to start somewhere.

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Topics: Quality, Technology, SPC

Where Compliance Meets Communication: The Basics of QMS

Posted on Mar 17, 2022 2:34:54 PM

Manufacturers must integrate policies and processes that meet or exceed industry standards and governmental regulations. At the same time, these policies and processes must also meet or exceed the expectations of customers. Many organizations develop a quality management system (QMS) to manage both aspects of quality and compliance. An organization’s QMS formalizes and directs quality and compliance activities and facilitates continuous improvement. ISO9001:2015 details the requirements for quality management systems. QMS programs can be a valuable tool in building strong relationships with customers and helping organizations remain competitive.

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Topics: Compliance, Quality, Food&Beverage

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