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It's Time to Talk About Food Safety & Quality Assurance Technology

Posted on March 23, 2015 by Brian Sharp
Brian Sharp
2015 SafetyChain Tech Series_1In 2015, we're going to be talking about solutions to your most challenging Food Safety & Quality Assurance issues!

Industry spends a lot of time talking about issues in food safety and quality assurance. But do we spend enough time talking about how to execute on key FSQA challenges? That's what we're doing here at SafetyChain in 2015.

As we all know it's conference season in the food safety and quality world - just looking at my calendar over the next 6-8 weeks or so it doesn't look like I'll be home much. I'm assuming it's the same for many of you.  There are many good sessions on upcoming conference agendas - with a lot of focus on challenges the FSQA community is facing - FSMA, continuous improvement, cost of quality, HACCP/HARPC, GFSI scheme management, to name just a few.

Here at SafetyChain - we're committed to taking these conversations to the next level with a focus in 2015 on how to execute on these and other FSQA challenges! In other words, we think it's time for industry to talk about technology.  More and more food and beverage companies are realizing that technology is key to being able to efficiently and effectively execute on food safety and quality programs, scale to do more with less, manage risk, improve on KPIs, trend for meaningful continuous improvement, prepare for FSMA, comply with GFSI schemes and be audit-ready all the time.  

That's why we're excited about our recently launched 2015 FSQA Technology Series: Enabling Technologies - The Food Safety & Quality Assurance Game Changer

The series has 3 components:

  • Leadership Forums - where industry thought leaders share insight on bigger picture issues and challenges. The next forum, on April 17, features FSMA icon Dr. David Acheson and WaWa's Director of Quality, Risk Management and Safety - who will discuss the role of technology for brand protection, risk management and supply chain controls.
  • Tech Talks - interactive discussions on how technology is being used to solve specific food safety and quality problems. Our first Tech Talk on Tackling FSMA Compliance will be March 31, and feature frequent FSMA Friday guest Melanie Neumann, EVP and CFO of The Acheson Group, and Nye Hardy, Senior Food Safety Director for Dole Fresh Vegetables. Future Tech Talks include Harmonizing FSQA in the Cloud and Continuous Improvement/Cost of Quality.
  • Executive Briefs - eBrief papers on a variety of FSQA issues and how technology helps with solving these challenges. The first executive brief is on technology as an enabler of change in how food companies manage risk and meet KPIs - future briefs will be on Automating a FSMA Ready Food SafetyPlan, Cost of Quality and other relevant topics.

More than 1,000 food company FSQA, legal, operations, C-suite, regulatory and I.T. folks have registered for series events/eBriefs and we hope you'll join them!  For more information on the series, click here. And if you have topics you'd like to see for future series events or papers - please let us know at info@safetychain.com!

Topics: Safety, Quality