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Understanding, Managing & Reducing Cost of Quality

Posted on June 6, 2015 by Brian Sharp
Brian Sharp
food-cost1While lapses in food safety can destroy a brand - it's the consistent adherence to food quality attributes that builds brand loyalty. Yet the complexities and overall economics of food quality are often underestimated when it comes to Cost of Quality.

No one argues (well hopefully not) the importance of Food Safety. It's industry's responsibility to protect consumers. And of course a major food safety event can ruin a company's brand and financial health. Yet when it comes to food quality, the complexities and overall economics of quality are often underestimated.

While lapses in food safety can destroy a brand - it's the consistent adherence to food quality attributes that builds brand loyalty. It's why that bread is always that soft - or that french fry tastes the same no matter what location you purchase from. And why manufacturers continue to procure - or not procure - ingredients from certain suppliers.

Food quality management can often be more complex than food safety - think 3 CCPs vs. 30 quality attributes for example. And, Cost of Quality can have the biggest impact on a food company’s overall KPIs, profitability and brand reputation - often causing the most rework and customer rejections ... impacting what can be referred to as the Economics of Food Quality Management.

Do you have the tools to fully understand your Cost of Quality? Have a good handle on how to manage and reduce Cost of Quality? If you're scratching your head, you might want to join us for a special webinar on June 25: The Economics of Food Quality Management, with special guest speaker Lamont Rumbers, President & Founder of Fully Integrated Quality Solutions and the former Sr. Director of Quality for Sam's Club. 

I recently heard Lamont speak on this topic at an MBC Quality Sharegroup in Chicago and he was, hands-down, the most insightful speaker I've ever heard on this topic. So we're really excited that he's going to share his experience and thoughts on a variety of topics in what is sure to be an informative and interactive installment of our FSQA Tech Talk Series.

Some of the topics Lamont will be addressing include: 

  • Defining quality in your organization
  • Determining the “right” quality metrics through an understanding of the Cost of Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Improving visibility of process, product and supplier quality
  • Driving data-to-information to improve Economics of Quality
  • Making quality “business relevant” to gain buy-in for change
  • Understanding your quality-risk universe
  • The role of automation technologies to improve performance and lower the Cost of Quality

Lamont will also answer audience questions live - and interested parties are invited to stay on for 15 minutes after the webinar to see a demo of SafetyChain's Food Quality Management solution.

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